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Δευτέρα, 10 Νοεμβρίου 2014

Pretty Maid (2014) 一个温州的女人

一个温州的女人 Pretty Maid (2014) Full HD Chinese movie with English subtitles
AKA: Pretty Maid, 温州保姆, 出镜入境
Genre: Drama, Family
Release date: 2014-03-07 (Mainland China)
/ 2013-09-25 (Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival)
Running time: 94 minutes
Director: Hai Da
Country: China
Language: Mandarin
Subtitles: English, Chinese Hardcoded
一个温州的女人 Pretty Maid (2014) Full HD

Avalokiteshvara 2013 (Bu Ken Qu Guan Yin)

Avalokiteshvara 2013 (Bu Ken Qu Guan Yin) Full movie English subtitles
Director: Zhang Xin
Writers: Sun Zuping, Sun Zuping
Stars: Mu Fengbin, Chun Li, Feng-bin Mou
Plot: During the Tang Dynasty (618-907 CE), a young Japanese monk Hui'e (played by popular actor Nakaizumi Hideo) was tasked with the royal mission of bringing back a fabled Guan Yin (Avalokiteshvara) rare-colored ceramic figurine to Japan. This fabled figurine had originally been commissioned by Prince Guang's mother to bless and protect her son from repeated assassination attempts by the ruling despotic Tang emperor. However, old master craftsman Yu failed in his numerous attempts during final stages of the kiln-firing process. One day, master Yu finds an infant girl in a basket, floating on a lotus pond nearby the kiln, and decides to adopt her, naming her as Little Lotus. The very same day, the rare-colored Guan Yin figurine was successfully produced by master Yu. Since Little Lotus was found the same day the Bodhisattva figurine was produced, villagers regarded her as the human incarnation of Avalokiteshvara. True enough, Little Lotus (played by the lovely actress Li Chun, known for ... Written by Ong YC

The Destiny (2014)

[HD] The Destiny (2014) Mandarin Full movie with English subtitles
Plot: The Destiny (2014)
The story takes place in 1937 in the southern town, a young woman married into Yinjialin rain lotus in the day, never met her husband joined the fleeing forced marriages MingXuan Japanese team, taking into account the family face, Ming Hao Yinjialin decided to let his brother instead of his brother weddings married , temporarily to defuse the crisis, but in the hearts of the people can not be together planted the seeds of love.
Over time, the war to the South. In the traditional immoral attack, rain Lin and Ming Hao, like love, like this piece of land was the ruthless destruction. Mingxuan killed returned a town news, grief hearts of two people and took a step closer.
But the fate of the family's love and innocence in the face of war seemed fragile. Merciless fire enveloped the town, wedding eve, Minghao hesitate to join the fight to the death squads ...... not the aggressor in the war-torn environment, weak rain stick on the beautiful lotus town, but also true to his love